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“...Throughout history, those souls who have seen the suffering around them, and resolved to make a difference through their own lives, have been shining examples of the finest divine qualities in humanity.”
(Extracted from the book "Soul Medicine" by Norman Shealy & Dawson Church)


Vivian Callegaro Academy TM is a Yoga Training Provider School accredited to Independent Yoga Network. It prepares and qualifies yoga teachers to work in UK and abroad. The Training is lead by Vivian Callegaro, a Yoga teacher trainer with two decades of teaching experience. Vivian delivers a style that preserves the roots of yoga while backed by scientific research, including in the field of spirituality. The style guarantees an effective, ethical, scientifically-based approach in a format that is simple and easy to follow. The technique is intuitive, clear and honest. The philosophy unleashes secrets and is free of rigid doctrines rejecting any dogmatic approach. Her courses include a neuro nutrition guidance and a powerful relaxation healing technique which helps to get into meditation faster and sharper. Vivian has been training teachers since 2014 and is now happy to announce the identity of her own style which was trademarked with IPO (Intellectual Property Organization) in December 2017 as NEUROEPIGENETIC YOGA.


The term Neuroepigenetic is new in the field of science and Vivian has related the beneficial effects that her yoga style can provide to the meaning of this word. Recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics have proven that there is a dynamic interplay between genes and environmental experience or a biochemical mechanism between “nature and nurture”. (Sweatt, 2009). The term Epi means above the level of the genes and refer to mechanisms that specify cell fate determination. The term Neuroepigenetic has been created to embed discoveries of various epigenetic molecular mechanisms in the (CNS) Central Nervous System regarding acquired behaviours, CNS disorders, neural plasticity, neurotoxicity and drug addiction. A question proposed in this field is whether epigenetic mechanisms are a cog in the machinery of the engram (biological memory traces storage which are believed to tie our past to the present). Vivian’s is driven by this challenge and her technique has evolved along her years of teaching in this pursuit by means of her studies, practical observations, intuition and openness to spirituality.


Vivian’s yoga class is sharp, healing and energising leading to an instant feel good sensation and immense benefits for the brain and body. It is inclusive to all levels and backgrounds. Both beginners and sports addicts will benefit from the class. Regular practices increase the mitochondrial oxygen absorption and helps to burn stored fat while lowering anxiety and diminishing appetite. People adapt to the postures in their own pace and notice their progress from the first class. It’s highly recommended for elite athletes to help to keep stress and anxiety at bay while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility to protect from sprains. Vivian’s style guarantees an injury free lean and toned body, a stress free healthy and focused mind and a positive and harmonious alignment of the soul.


Vivian Callegaro is a yoga teacher and trainer with 2 decades of national and international experience. Her pursuit has always been in the fields of health, healing and gentle performances of the soul like love, kindness and compassion. Vivian explores different tools and sources in order to express her goals and inspire people to understand their strengths, appreciate their life and perform their best.

Vivian is originally from Brazil, Porto Alegre where she graduated as English Teacher and started a yoga course. She qualified as a Yoga Teacher in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro and moved to Sao Paulo where she did internship at Master DeRose unity. There she had the opportunity to participate in many events with different teachers and to learn about business and yoga secrets. She was authorized to open her own studio, following an offer of a house by the sea side in Garopaba beach, South Brazil. Her studio was very successful providing classes to surfers and international tourists from all places in the world. Her venue was called Studio de Yoga and hosted unforgettable adventures, from yoga–belly dance fusion performances, Jiu-Jitsu classes, the foundation of a local newspaper called “Jornal da Praia” in her garage and the inspiring lectures for the community by her father, an orthomolecular psychiatrist and writer.

In 2007, Vivian moved to London (she had acquired her European citizenship through her Italian grandfather). Vivian started working as a yoga Instructor for GLL with great receptivity from members. The classes became popular and constantly fully booked. In 2014 Vivian launched a pilot Yoga Teacher Training course and build up all the necessary requirements to register her own Yoga Teacher Training school with IYN (Independent Yoga network).

Since then she has been training teachers, some already working at GLL and another busy gyms, others with private groups or teaching elsewhere in the world.

Vivian has a Bachelors degree in English Language from PUCRS /Brazil and a BSc (Hons) degree in Medical Physiology from the University of East London where she is currently taking a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Other UK qualifications include L4 PETLLS, Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor. Vivian is also qualified in Sound Energy Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls by the Sound Energy Medicine Centre which has brought a new spiritual dimension to her classes.


  • Vivian is an experienced teacher who studied Medical Physiology in London and her school is accredited to IYN, meaning that graduated students can also register with this organization and work with any employer in UK and worldwide.
  • The course is rich and fulfilling. Vivian is constantly researching and amplifying her line of healing techniques. She believes that a combination of an optimal nourishment for the body with the techniques included in her yoga style are a powerful combination to correct human suffering and open a path to an harmonious world.
  • As people get healthier they create a field of energy that have positive impact in other people. Vivian has knowledge of sources to amplify these powerful energies which she shares in her classes and courses.
  • There is a large room for Neuroepigenetic Yoga classes style for either a business formation or charitable work for changes in society. The technique is highly effective and of unique identity which have kept classes fully booked in busy centres in London and attracted the interest of international students inside a London University since 2015.
  • The style is very adaptable to any environment and level. It doesn't depend on any equipment a part of a simple mat. An easy business to launch anywhere that just do good to others and fulfil you with accomplishment.
  • Mature people are super welcome! It’s rewarding, life changing and just keep you healthier and looking younger.
  • Courses provided in London or abroad in both extended format (6 months) or Intensive (2-3 weeks). Send us an email to receive information on the next courses at viviancallegaroqueries@gmail.com
Vivian Callegaro

“To flourish means living at the top of range, enjoying a life filled with goodness, growth, creativity, and, when things go wrong, a strong resilience to get over the hump.”




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